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A select list of the conferences, symposiums & forums Tanya has appeared at.


Tanya has given keynote talks to a rapidly-growing number of audiences across the globe.

From fireside chats and podcasts to participating in or moderating roundtables and panel discussions, Tanya inspires and connect with audiences ranging from private equity investors to leadership conferences across North America and Europe.

Her mission: to help audiences reimagine the pathways to achieve profit and purpose through design, leadership and intention.

Tanya’s Key Topics​

Investment Culture & Talent Management

Leadership Essentials in ESG & DEI

Systems Thinking & Investment Strategy

Women & Leadership in Private Equity

Signature Talk: How to Integrate Value with Values

Passionate about equitable initiatives within the investment world, Tanya has been an advocate for the advancement of ESG, culture, governance, DEI and impact-driven strategy as they pertain to both investment outcomes and people and culture management. She believes that authentic leadership, the power of collaboration and transparency of change dialogue are key to effecting systemic change within the industry and far beyond.

Tanya’s talks are designed for investment firms who want to understand how DE&I, culture, and a people-centric approach can function as part of a larger matrix for good: the interconnectedness of firm, investor and society.

Learning outcomes to expect:


Tanya is a regular guest on a number of podcasts in the private equity world.

She was recently featured on the “Summa & Friends” podcast by Summa Equity. Listen to her episode to get a sense of her as a thinker, speaker, and responsible investor – and share it with a GP or LP you know.

"We live in a rapidly changing world, where we need to spend as much time rethinking as we do thinking."

Adam Grant

What past attendees have said



Gerry Cardinale

Managing Partner, RedBird Capital Partners

“Tanya has established herself as a thought leader in our industry. She not only led innovative investments during her tenure at OTPP but also has a legacy of providing sound business and leadership counsel to the firms with whom she partners. I count her as a friend, trusted advisor and leader in the GP/LP community.”

Maya Chorengel, Co-Managing Partner at The Rise Fund. Photographed in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022.

Maya Chorengel

Co-Managing Partner, The Rise Fund

“Tanya has been a true leader and partner as we advanced engagement on ESG and impact in private equity. She brought the courage of her convictions, a commitment to a rigorous, evidence-based approach, and knowledge that collaboration between GPs and LPs (that she could spearhead) was critical to field-building.”

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