Here are some key suggested resources for leaders in private equity. Subjects include DEI, ESG, People and Culture, Strategy and beyond.


What Works (Iris Bohnet)
Using behavioural economics to design with intention approaches to close the gender gap. Practical and relatable, there are suggested actions at the end of each chapter for leaders.

Time, Talent, Energy (Eric Garton)
The cost of not addressing the dynamics that diminish the time, talent and energy from your organization is enormous. Understanding how and why this is so common is incredibly powerful to use intention and clarity to tackle the underlying issues.

Radical Candor (Kim Scott)
The competency and courage to give and ask for feedback is something that plagues most of us – in life and at work. Investment organizations are no different and it is clear that effective feedback improves culture, engagement, innovation and performance. The book is an essential primer to support communication and relationships in your organization.


(Forbes) Want to Gauge and Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in your Investment Portfolio? Here’s How.

(Bain & Company) The Fabric of Belonging: How to Weave an Inclusive Culture

(Harvard Business Review) What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means

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